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St. Joseph 100 Year Book

St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Stoneham, Texas is preparing a Family/History book to celebrate 100 years at St. Joseph. We are looking for family stories, lore, and genealogy for this publication.

The "founding fathers" those who put their fortunes on the line to buy the land and build St.
Joseph’s church have descendants today who still populate the area. Whether you now belong to St. Mary’s, or wherever, if you are a descendant, we want your story and your genealogy.
We are attempting to show what happened to these original St. Joseph families.

If you have family buried in St. Joseph Cemetery, we want your story, whether or not your
family belonged to those "founding fathers."

Pictures will be greatly appreciated and returned unhurt, and or "touched up." Stories and
pictures can be emailed to Nance Shaw: nance7@embarqmail.com. Stories and pictures can be snail-mailed also. Please include SASE IF YOU WISH YOUR STUFF RETURNED and a phone number where you can be contacted for clarifications.

Nance Shaw ~~ 16911 Lone Star Road ~~ Navasota, Texas 77868 ~~ 936-894-2512

History of St. Joseph Catholic Church, Stoneham, Texas