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Steve Okonski

Steve Okonski and band in Chicago

Steve Okonski, born August 29, 1916 in Bremond, Texas was a lifelong resident of Bremond and was a farmer and musician. Steve was a fiddler for over 70 years and played in many towns for many weddings, family reunions, and community events throughout Texas (Houston, Dallas, Bremond, Brenham, Chapel Hill, New Waverly, Westphalia, and many others). His band usually included the instruments that were readily available in the small country town — violin, base, guitar, and accordion. They played the old time Polish favorite traditional fiddle based music. Many of the Polish family immigrants listened and enjoyed the music that connected them to their villages in Poland. Some of Steve’s favorites were: Steve’s Special, Steve’s Celia, Flat Lake Special, Village OBerek, Westphalia Waltz and others. Steve received a plaque for playing a fiddle for 70 years in Texas at the Ft Bend County Fair.

Steve supplemented his small farming income with many various jobs such as bus driver, painter, his band and others. He also served in the infantry with the US Army during World War II.

 -Bio from Okonski Family Website

Listen to Music By Steve Okonski

Stop The Fighting Boys Polka (Nie Bijcie Się Chłopcy) and The Bremond Polish Wedding Waltz by Steve Okonski Band

Texas Polish Polka and Sweet Potato Polka by Steve Okonski Band

Steve’s Special and Płynie Wisła by Steve Okonski Band