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Virginia Hill Speaks At Washington County Genealogical Society

Washington County Genealogical Society

Virginia Felchack Hill, Polish Genealogical Society of Texas past president and long time editor of the award-winning Polish Footprints publication was a guest speaker at the Washington County Genealogical Society meeting. The meeting was held on May 4, 2009 at Blinn College Student Center in Brenham, Texas.

Her presentation on Polish Heritage In Washington County, Texas centered on the family origins of the early Polish settlers. She spoke about the early Poles that Meyer Levy brought to Waverly and presented a detailed list of the surnames of the 1867 Polish immigrants. A large map of Poland was on display with pins to identify the Poznan area towns and villages where these early Poles came from. Virginia also gave the distances between many of the small villages. An extraction of Polish marriage records of many of the early Washington County immigrants was taken from a search of the Poznan Marriage Indexing Project and presented as a handout.

Along with the regular Washington County Genealogical Society members, several PGST members attended the meeting including the current President Barbara Lee and several past presidents and board members.

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