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St. Stanislaus In Chappell Hill To Hold Polish Heritage Thanksgiving Mass

2010 Thanksgiving Mass at St. Stanislaus Catholic Church In Chappell Hill, TexasSt. Stanislaus Catholic Church in Chappell Hill, Texas would like to invite you, your relatives and friends to join the parish for their Polish Heritage/Thanksgiving Mass and celebration. The mass will be held on Sunday, November 21, 2010 at 9 a.m. with Polish hymns, Polish costumes, a Dozynki presentation, a Dozynki Harvest basket, bread and salt and small Dozynki bouquets.

Following mass there will be a another presentation on the meaning of Dozynki and Polish music. Everyone is encouraged to bring a Polish covered dish for lunch to share in the Dozynki/Harvest Thanksgiving with a meal together listening to Polish music and enjoying fellowship. Following the meal, Father Jozef will hold our first “Polskie Koledy” practice in preparation for our “Polskie Koledy” celebration on December 26.

In addition, anyone interested in helping sing in Polish during mass is encouraged to come and sing with the choir in joyous celebration of our rich Polish Catholic Culture. Also, we would encourage those that have Polish Folk Costumes to please wear it to mass. If you do not have one, men can wear black pants with a white shirt & red ribbon tie and the women can wear a flower wreath with red and white ribbons on their heads, white blouses, patterned skirts and red necklaces. Encourage your children/grandchildren and adults to represent their families and their culture.

Please invite everyone to attend the Polish Heritage/Thanksgiving Mass and celebration on November 21 at 9 a.m. in Chappell Hill at St. Stanislaus Catholic Church. Our goal is to have a large attendance and welcome our new priest Father Jozef. Your help is needed in helping get the word out to those that would enjoy celebrating our Polish Heritage and all the descendants of St. Stanislaus Catholic Church.


Here’s a slide show of photos of last years celebration!