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Plantersville, Grimes, TX


Latitude: 30.342065246371636, Longitude: -95.86875915527344


History of St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Plantersville, Texas
History of St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Plantersville, Texas
On February 2, 1894, the Right Reverend Nicholas A. Gallager, Bishop of the German Roman Catholic Church of the Diocese of Galveston purchased for $30.00 the parcel of land where St. Mary’s now stands. The seller was Cordella H. A. Baker, Executrix of the Jack Baker Estate. This parcel was out of the league of land granted to John Landrum as a Colonist in Austin’s Colony.


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BUSA, Daniel Anthony  28 Jan 1945Plantersville, Grimes, TX I11322
2 GOTTSELIG, Bill  09 Oct 1926Plantersville, Grimes, TX I10131
3 MATTERN, George  18 May 1907Plantersville, Grimes, TX I6713
4 SMITH, Carrie  18 Nov 1883Plantersville, Grimes, TX I7904
5 WALKOWIAK, Catherine  30 Oct 1878Plantersville, Grimes, TX I6714
6 WALKOWIAK, Thomas  13 Dec 1879Plantersville, Grimes, TX I6715
7 WALKOWIAK, Victoria  28 Jul 1876Plantersville, Grimes, TX I6703
8 WESOLEK, Elizabeth  19 Dec 1878Plantersville, Grimes, TX I9524
9 WESOLEK, Margarita  13 May 1876Plantersville, Grimes, TX I9523
10 WETUSKI, Charles  22 Feb 1877Plantersville, Grimes, TX I11474


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 BUSA, Lee  06 Dec 1973Plantersville, Grimes, TX I7559
2 BUSA, Verna  13 Jan 2017Plantersville, Grimes, TX I11320
3 BUSA, Walter  02 Oct 1970Plantersville, Grimes, TX I7555
4 CETNAROWA, Appolonia  17 Sep 1879Plantersville, Grimes, TX I8980
5 IMHOFF, Virginia Rose  17 Nov 2016Plantersville, Grimes, TX I11306
6 KAMINSKI, Joseph Louis  27 May 1999Plantersville, Grimes, TX I11168
7 KOWIS, Betty Jo  26 Sep 1998Plantersville, Grimes, TX I4926
8 MATTERN, Dolores Madeline  20 Jun 1999Plantersville, Grimes, TX I11477
9 WETUSKI, Archie Joe  23 Jun 1996Plantersville, Grimes, TX I11476

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