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Witamy – Welcome

Albert and Adan E. Polka - Marlin, TexasWelcome to the Polish Texans website, the number one source of information for Texas Polonia. You’ll find articles on Polish Texan history, culture, news and current events along with genealogy of the Poles who call Texas home. This site is dedicated to the brave Polish men and women who left their ancestral homes in Europe and settled in a new land, the Lone Star state of Texas. These early immigrants settled in the Texas communities of Panna Maria, Anderson, Yorktown, Stoneham, Brenham, Bremond, Chappell Hill, New Waverly, San Antonio, Houston and others.

Many of them started out as sharecroppers on large plantations and with hard work and much sacrifice, eventually acquired their own land. Although many of these immigrants came to America with very little material possessions, they did bring their work ethic and toughness along with their unique culture and strong Catholic faith.

Polish Texans website consists of two distinct sections, the main section contains articles, news, current events, photographs and links. The news and current events sections not only covers events in the old Polish settlements of Texas but also the many events held by the immigrants that have more recently come from Poland.

The genealogy section consists of a dynamic, searchable genealogy database. There is a vast amount of information in the genealogy database and some of it is a little hard to find. I have tried to make the navigation as easy as possible, so just proceed to click on the many links and see where they take you. This website is only the beginning of the process of documenting the family history of these early Texas Poles. It is very much a “work in progress” and will be for many years.

Contributions in the form of articles, genealogy data, documents and photographs are greatly appreciated.

James Smock
Editor and Webmaster