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Polish Music In Hockley Texas

2009 Lawrence Wisnoski Birthday Party In Hockley

What started off as a 70th birthday party for Lawrence Wisnoski in Hockley, Texas turned into a full fledged all-star musical event with different styles of Polish music, some old style Cajun music and a Tejano song or two thrown in for good measure. Brian Marshall, Ronnie Dutka and Chuck Bolin from the Brian Marshall Band, Cory McCauley from the Cory McCauley and the Evangeline Aces band and Bradley Jaye Williams, Tim Walsh and Mark Rubin from the band were the primary entertainers for the evening. Other musicians and singers included Jimmy Mazurkiewicz and his son James, Brian Wisnoski and Albin Januszewski.

Everyone had a great time as the large crowd enjoyed the good food and cold piwo and danced to the non-stop polka and waltz music. Late in the evening, the musicians and guests continued the fun with an informal jam session on the patio with Michael Addicks and Michael Kurtin joining in with the singing of Polish songs. I know one thing, Lawrence’s kids sure know how to throw a birthday party.

Enjoy the slide show below: