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Grand March At Polski Wesele – Polish Wedding

Grand March at Polski Wesele - Traditional Polish Wedding“The Grand March”: This is performed by the wedding party, parents and all the guests. Originally, the bridal party, family and guests made a processional to the church led by a band from the “Dom Weselny” bride’s home and back to the home of the bride after mass. This was a way to announce to the village that their was a wedding and that everyone was invited. In olden days, there were no invitations or mail service, only word of mouth and the announcements made in church three sundays before the wedding. Today, the grand march is performed at the reception to honor that tradition. The wedding party and the guests are engaged to enhance the excitement of the celebration and to encircle the bride and groom in a double wedding ring for their first dance.

Video from the wedding of Phillip Wilcox and Kathy Ann Mazurkiewicz in Bryan, Texas

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