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The Bread and Salt Blessing – Polish Wedding

The Bread and Salt Blessing - Traditional Polish Wedding The bread and salt blessing: The parents of the bride and groom greet the newly married couple with bread, salt, wine and a silver coin at the front of the wedding table.
* According to Polish tradition, we greet you with bread and salt, so that your home might always enjoy abundance”. In Polish culture, bread is considered a gift from God and must always be treated with deep respect and Salt, which comes from the earth, is a basic necessity of life. The parents perform this symbolic custom to signify a “Gift from God” and the “Basic necessity of Life” to show the unity that has been created of two people into one couple.

* The bride and groom each taste a piece of bread to signify: “May you never go hungry”

* They each sip a little wine to signify: “Enjoy the sweetness in life”

* They each place a spec of salt on their tongue to signify: “May you overcome the bitterness in life”

* Silver Coin: “ may you be wealthy with good health and never be in a financial stress”

* The parents then kiss the couple as a sign of welcome, unity and love.

Following this ritual, the bride and groom break a the plate and/or glass for good luck!!! Then the band plays “Sta Lot”.

“Sta Lot” One Hundred Years: This is sang as a toast to the newly married couple. Which means 100 years, which is a Polish toast sung by the guests that signifies 100 years of good health for the bride and groom.

Video from the wedding of Phillip Wilcox and Kathy Ann Mazurkiewicz in Bryan, Texas

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