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Polish Texans Sweepstakes For November 1, 2010

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We had a random drawing of the Polish Texans sweepstakes winners this morning (16 Nov 2010) and here they are:

1st Prize: Larry Gurka
2nd Prize: Ann (Cygnaiewicz) Goguen
3rd Prize: Eric Zokowich

Thanks to everyone who entered. A new sweepstakes will be announced soon!

1st Prize

Polish Texans Musician Tribute T-shirtPolish Texans Musician Tribute T-shirtLimited edition Polish Texans Musician Tribute T-shirt in your choice of size and color.
Shirt courtesy of Polish Heritage Gift Shop.

Retail value $30.00.

2nd Prize: 

Our Lady Of Czestochowa Poster28" X 34" Our Lady Of Czestochowa poster print courtesy of Polish Heritage Gift Shop .

Retail value $28.00.

3rd Prize:  Travel Notes by Stefan NesterowiczTravel Notes book published by the Polish Genealogy Society of Texas  Travel Notes is a translation of Notatki z podrozy by Stefan Nesterowicz. This fascinating book is a great read.

Retail value $21.45.


Official Sweepstakes Rules:

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  • Sweepstakes entries valid from November 1, 2010 until November 15, 2010.
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  • Prizes will be shipped to a valid US or Canadian address only.
  • Only one entry per person for the entire sweepstakes run.
  • Three (3) prize winners will be selected in a random drawing on November 16, 2010 from among all eligible entries received.
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October was Polish Heritage Month. What did you do to celebrate your heritage?

30 thoughts on “Polish Texans Sweepstakes For November 1, 2010”

  1. To celebrate my Polish heritage during the entire month of October, I attended just about as many events that were listed on the POLISH TEXANS web-site. I indulged in the delicious food that was offered and
    enjoyed listening to the different Polish music bands that were performing!
    And now today (Nov. 1), I’ve pulled out my Polish Kolendy tape and placed it in my truck for listening to refresh my memory of the songs on the tape. As I drive from now on till Christmas, my cab will become
    my makeshift singing rehearsal studio. Hee Hee.

  2. Dolores Wisnoski Newman

    I celebrate my Polish heritage everyday, not just in October. You can find Polish sausage on the menu at least twice a week at my house. I am teaching my five year old granddaughter a few simple words just as I did my grandsons. In October I attended bazaars at several of the Polish churches and ate too much. My cousin, Pat Novak, and I hosted the annual Kmiec reunion at St. Stanislaus Church in Chappell Hill. November 13th I will help set up a booth at the Brazos Valley Worldfest in Bryan to promote our proud Polish heritage. On Thanksgiving day there will be about 30 Polish relatives indulging in Polish sausage and beer, oh, we’ll have
    turkey also. And I am trying to learn some of the songs for the Kolendy so I won’t just be moving my lips.

  3. My Polish heritage is near and dear to my heart and is celebrated daily. I have a Polish flag decal which says “Proud to be Polish” hanging on my bulletin board at work along with a Polish Zloty coin taped right next to it. It is a daily reminder of the incredible gift of being Polish. The month of October celebrates my heritage and my birth so my gift to myself was practicing the fiddle reminding myself of the fond memories I have of listening to Polish music, laughing with friends and family, dancing til the wee hours of the morning and being thankful of the many blessings God has provided. During a recent visit to Rome, I had the privilege of meeting a young man from Poland. Tommy paid me a very kind compliment as we bantered back in forth with my limited Polish, he said…”You don’t speak Polish with an American accent – you speak it very well.” Whether it was the wine clouding his hearing or just his kind nature — I tip my glass in a phrase of thanksgiving …….”THANK YOU JESUS — I AM POLISH”!!!!

  4. Ann (Cygnaiewicz) Goguen

    I celebrate my heritage every day just by being proud to be Polish! I am 63 years old and have wonderful memories of our celebrations during the Christmas and Easter Holidays. Those celebrations are still very much a part of our family and are now being shared with our grandchildren. I also know that my Grandmother’s family was one of the original Polish families of Texas although I have yet to explore this part of my family tree.

  5. October is also the month of my birthday. I celebrated by attending mass at St Pius X church and praying for peace in all nations. I trace my grandparents back to Poland and would love to visit one day. God bless the Polish people.

  6. I read the “Legend of the Wawel Heads” to my students. We also looked at some of my photographs of Wawel Castle, including close-ups of the carved heads which hang upside-down in the Audience Hall.

  7. Bernadette Bielamowicz Kologinczak

    My husband, Joseph, and I visited the Polish settlement of Bremond, Texas, where my family has roots. My mother, Sophie Pisarz, and my father, Alexander Bielamowicz, were both born there and were married in the old St. Mary Catholic Church on November 11, 1941, in Bremond. They were so proud of their Polish heritage and their hometown, and passed this on to their children.

    In June, we attended the “Polish Day” parade and activities. In October, we went to St. Mary’s bazaar and while there also visited the cemetery – the resting place of numerous relatives including my grandparents, little sister, uncles and cousins. We toured historical downtown Bremond, where my father owned a meat market in the late 1930’s.

    Our Polish roots run deep, and our entire family continues celebrate the holiday traditions of our forefathers. We’re all “Polish and Proud!”

  8. Every October, the Polish-American heritage group I belong to celebrates the harvest season. We do this by holding a festive Dozynki. Several members, myself included, create fancy wreaths with an autumn theme. There is food, fun, raffles, and lots of friendship!

  9. I’m Polish and I like it everyday.I’m proud of our rich culture, natural beauty, our traditions and customs, our religious heritage, our own language, our ancestors, the way I was raised, tight family ties. I’m proud of what Poland stands for and what it’s all about. I’m happy when Poland and Polish people are doing well, I’m sad when some disaster strikes.

  10. I am Polish and Proud of it! My Polish heritage comes from ancestors that came by boat to the United States. They settled in Chappell Hill, TX . I have property that belonged to them and I am living on that same property today. I remember my grandparents along with my parents butchering a hog and making Kielbasa and Kiska from it. My brother and I still make Kielbasa and Kiska using the same ingredients from their recipe. We just made some Kielbasa and Kiska the weekend of October 23rd. I have attended several events in the month of October, enjoying meals with czarnia, rosel z kury, sauerkraut, sausage along with delicious desserts and ice tea. I will keep my Polish traditions in my heart as long as the Good Lord blesses me to be on this earth.

  11. Joseph Bronikowski

    To celebrate my Polish Heritage in the month of October I have begun to teach myself to read the Polish language. Everyday, to and from work, I pratice speaking by the use of tapes I have purchased. A am proud of my Polish heritage and I began this journey 3 1/2 years ago. It has been a hard, uphill struggle, especially at my age but the more I learn, the more I want to know about our Poilish language and culture.

  12. This October, I have been reading several books on Polish customs. I think many of the country wedding customs are especially interesting. I also have been practicing my cooking in preparation for the upcoming holidays. I tried baking some pierniki. They turned out pretty good, but I still need some work on these before Christmas!

  13. I send a prayer to my mom in heaven thanking her for her Polish heritage of which I am so proud.

  14. I spent a lot of time with my Baba, eating incredible polish food and hearing awesome stories about the homeland. I also took some time to revisit and remember my visit to Poland in 2007, I can’t wait to go back!!

  15. I am very proud of my Polish Heritage beginning with my birth in Chappell Hill, Texas in the month of October.
    Indulged in Polish food and festivals during the month. Several trips to the LDS library researching several families who settled in Chappell Hill who came from Slawno, Poland. This research will then be published in Polish Footprints, a periodical of the Polish Genealogical Society of Texas. I can understand and can speak Polish, however I am not fluent in the language. I salute the gentleman who is learning the Polish language with tapes. That shows true dedication to his Polish Heritage.

  16. To celebrate and promote my Polish heritage I think I am going to click on the “Mall” tab of the Polish Texans website and purchase some items that will enhance my education or perhaps some cool shirts to enhance my childish good looks…while at the same time helping fund the many projects that Mr. Smock is always working on free of charge.

  17. Barbara Macejewski Lee

    As a member of the Polish Genealogical Society of Texas and acting editor of our periodical “Polish Footprints”, I am mindful of my heritage daily. However, in the month of October I was able to help a charming lady locate the marriage village of her great-great grandparents. Apparently, she had been searching for this information for almost 20 years. It is a wonderful feeling to be able to bring the Polish heritage to light. Although I was not able to attend the wonderful church bazaars and homecomings during the month of October due to recent knee surgery, I was able to get all the highlights from this website. Almost like being there. Thank you James Smock for your tireless attention to our beautiful Polish heritage.

  18. We took my mom to Bremond Texas for their Polish Festival since this is where she and my Dad are so proudly from. Growing up we spend every other weekend in Bremond and I have done a lot of research so that my sons will know where there family has come from. I am Proud to Be Polish.

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