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Rosenberg, Fort Bend, TX


Latitude: 29.5571825, Longitude: -95.8085623


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 GRUDZIECKI, Frances Louise  1934Rosenberg, Fort Bend, TX I10228
2 GRUDZIECKI, Theresa  25 Aug 1931Rosenberg, Fort Bend, TX I10227
3 POLKA, Slyvester  18 Apr 1913Rosenberg, Fort Bend, TX I677
4 RECH, Lydia Elizabeth  29 Aug 1895Rosenberg, Fort Bend, TX I6056


Matches 1 to 24 of 24

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 DRYMALA, Mike August  30 May 1972Rosenberg, Fort Bend, TX I11364
2 GREENSAGE, Anton P  24 Aug 1956Rosenberg, Fort Bend, TX I9782
3 GRUDZIECKI, Frances Louise  1934Rosenberg, Fort Bend, TX I10228
4 GURKA, Helen  22 Mar 1975Rosenberg, Fort Bend, TX I10438
5 GUTOWSKY, Adam Frank  05 Jun 1986Rosenberg, Fort Bend, TX I8088
6 GUTOWSKY, Frank Walter  18 Jul 1957Rosenberg, Fort Bend, TX I8080
7 GUTOWSKY, Joseph  19 Mar 1943Rosenberg, Fort Bend, TX I8074
8 JANCZAK, Alexander M  04 Jan 1960Rosenberg, Fort Bend, TX I8101
9 KAMINSKI, Stanley William  14 Jun 1979Rosenberg, Fort Bend, TX I11201
10 KAMINSKI, Vincent  04 Mar 1961Rosenberg, Fort Bend, TX I11192
11 KROLCZYK, Frank  17 Jun 1947Rosenberg, Fort Bend, TX I10435
12 KUBECZKA, Jozef Albert  01 Jan 1945Rosenberg, Fort Bend, TX I9968
13 KUBECZKA, Stanley  13 Jul 1982Rosenberg, Fort Bend, TX I10439
14 KUBECZKA, Stella  08 Jun 1966Rosenberg, Fort Bend, TX I10436
15 KUJAWA, Felix  May 1980Rosenberg, Fort Bend, TX I9413
16 PAWLAK, Anna  08 Jan 1977Rosenberg, Fort Bend, TX I6961
17 POLKA, Stella  23 Apr 1983Rosenberg, Fort Bend, TX I194
18 PRZYBYLSKI, Petrus  18 Jun 1964Rosenberg, Fort Bend, TX I8232
19 SYZDEK, Felix  17 Mar 1977Rosenberg, Fort Bend, TX I5555
20 SZYMANSKI, Agnes  25 Jan 1950Rosenberg, Fort Bend, TX I7177
21 TROJANOWSKI, Annie Mary  24 Apr 1978Rosenberg, Fort Bend, TX I11347
22 TROJANOWSKI, Victoria Florence  12 May 1991Rosenberg, Fort Bend, TX I11348
23 TROJANOWSKI, Wanda Clara  14 Mar 1989Rosenberg, Fort Bend, TX I11349
24 TWARDOWSKI, Cecilia  29 Sep 1953Rosenberg, Fort Bend, TX I6955


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 BALCEROWICZ / GUTOWSKY  21 Nov 1939Rosenberg, Fort Bend, TX F2457
2 GORSKI / NOWAK  17 Jun 1939Rosenberg, Fort Bend, TX F1565

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