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Elk, Oklahoma, OK



City/Town : Latitude: 35.4117318555756, Longitude: -99.40532684326172


Matches 1 to 20 of 20

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 AFINOWICZ, Frank  1930Elk, Oklahoma, OK I8580
2 BARANSKA, Eva  1920Elk, Oklahoma, OK I2676
3 BARANSKI, Antone  1920Elk, Oklahoma, OK I10578
4 BARANSKI, Edward  1930Elk, Oklahoma, OK I10583
5 BARANSKI, Herman  1930Elk, Oklahoma, OK I10580
6 BARANSKI, Lige  1930Elk, Oklahoma, OK I11060
7 CWIK, Michael  1930Elk, Oklahoma, OK I3099
8 HOPCUS, Alexander  1920Elk, Oklahoma, OK I6366
9 HOPCUS, Edward  1920Elk, Oklahoma, OK I6382
10 HOPCUS, Franciscus  1920Elk, Oklahoma, OK I6379
11 HOPCUS, Jan  1930Elk, Oklahoma, OK I6363
12 HOPCUS, Raymond  1930Elk, Oklahoma, OK I6390
13 HOPCUS, Stanislaus  1920Elk, Oklahoma, OK I6365
14 KLOTZ, Edward  1920Elk, Oklahoma, OK I9188
15 KUBIAK, Martin  1920Elk, Oklahoma, OK I10595
16 KUBIAK, Martin  1930Elk, Oklahoma, OK I7481
17 OWCZARZAK, Anton  1920Elk, Oklahoma, OK I10556
18 OWCZARZAK, Anton  1930Elk, Oklahoma, OK I10556
19 RUDEK, Joe T  1930Elk, Oklahoma, OK I4367
20 WASIK, Mike  1920Elk, Oklahoma, OK I10588

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