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51 Birth name HYNES, Gerald William (I3471)
52 Boarding at the home of Victor Kotch LISICKI, Father Victor (I7445)
53 Buried in Elmina Cemetary LUCHER, Joseph Pete Jr (I840)
54 Catharina Nowaka baptized the infant. KOZIOLEK, Josepha (I2285)
55 Catharina Nowaka baptized the infant. NOWAKI, Francis (I2288)
56 Catherine stated on the census that she had 4 living children in 1900. Joseph, Anna, Frank and Catherine were alive at that time, so it is possible that John was not alive in 1900. However, there are some unverified family stories that say that John left the family and changed his name. MADUZIA, John (I115)
57 Catholic Priest MAZURKIEWICZ, Harry (I11101)
58 Catholic Priest MAZURKIEWICZ, Ben (I11106)
59 Church death records say that this infant was 7 monts old when died. There is no listing in the baptism records. NOWAKOWSKI (I918)
60 CPL US Army World War II RIPKOWSKI, Bernie (I6274)
61 CPL US Army World War II RIPKOWSKI, Bill Edward (I6278)
62 DAR records ANDERSON, Susanna (I3355)
63 DAR records TAYLOR, Rebecca (I3356)
64 DAR records LIAS, Agnes May (I3366)
65 DAR records LUNDSTRUM, Cora (I3372)
66 death certificate is on file in Ft Bend Co. POLKA, Jan (I94)
67 Death record at St Joseph's says he was born in Brenham, but marriage record says Bremond. His parents were from Bremond. SKALBA, Stanislaus (I322)
68 Died in WWII CZAJKOWSKI, Edward M (I3811)
69 died of Choloria, records said he was 34, but he should have been 40 SIWEK, Walenty (I834)
70 District Court - Apparently, Albert was never actually naturalized, although he did file a Declaration of Intention POLKA, Albert (I45)
71 enlisted in the Army POLKA, Marion Raymond (I58)
72 Enumeration District No. 145, Supervisor's District No. 4, Page No 5 MADUZIA, Albert (I110)
73 Executor of Albert Maduzia's will. He is also listed as a creditor on Catherine Maduzia's will; he owed her $600.00 acording to the will. MALEWSKI, Antone (I841)
74 Felix may not have actually been born in New Waverly, but his baptism is recorded in St Jospeh's records. The New Waverly parish priest travelled to Bremond and other areas. It is possible that Felix was born in Bremond or Franklin. MADUZIA, Felix (I114)
75 Frank was born on the ship between Florida and Galveston. BOCHNIA, Francis (I334)
76 Genealogical Notes on the Smock Family ANDERSON, Susanna (I3355)
77 Gregory Mandelskick was mentioned in Catharine Siwek Maduzia's will. MADELSKI, Grzegorz (I930)
78 Harman Clark letter HUFF, Issac Brofun (I3463)
79 Harman Clark letter REED, Herman Hoagland (I3465)
80 Harman Clark letter CLARK, George Burt (I3467)
81 He died of pneumonia at 5 months of age. KRYSTYNIAK, Anthony (I886)
82 He fell in a well and broke his neck. BUCKNER, Ignatius (I340)
83 He is not listed with his parents on the 1880 census. MADUZIA, Felix (I114)
84 He is the nephew of Mike Lucher who's son Casimir married Katherine Maduzia LUCHER, Joseph Pete Jr (I840)
85 He was baptized on 13 Nov 1870, indicating that he may not have been born in New Waverly. PASKET, Adalbert (I681)
86 He was not naturalized because he had spent time in the penitentiary. POLKA, Jan (I94)
87 He was the first casualty of New Waverly, TX in army, WW II. SKALBA, Louis Joseph (I578)
88 Her death date is based on the fact that her husband remarried in 1910. He was listed as a widower. MADUZIA, Katherine (I117)
89 Her death date is based on the fact that Jadwiga was never in Texas with her parents. She probably died in Austria as a youth or infant. MADUZIA, Jadwiga (I954)
90 Her husband Valentine remmaried Catharina Ryba on 9 Oct 1836. MICHON, Marianna (I933)
91 Her mother is also listed as Anna Abroska. NOWAK, Pelagia (I1940)
92 Her name is listed as Marianna on the birth records of all of her children, but is listed as Catharina on the marriage record of son, Valentine. Catharina probably refers to Catharina Ryba, Valentine's 2nd wife. I have not found a birth record for Marianna. MICHON, Marianna (I933)
93 Her name is listed as Marianna on the birth records of all of her children, but is listed as Catharine on the marriage record of son Valentine. I have not found her birth record. MICHON, Marianna (I933)
94 Her name is listed as Pietrzyk on her marriage record and several birth records. PIETRZYK, Zofia (I1370)
95 Her name was listed as Deloris Polka on hermarriage record POLKA, Dolores (I203)
96 Her name was listed as Mary Wisneski in the church records. WITUCKI, Mary (I2387)
97 Her Stepfather's name was Marshall THOMAS, Bertha Anna (I3482)
98 His father is listed as Andrea in the New Waverly church records. VENARSKE, Michael (I1915)
99 His marriage record lists his parents as Michael Wyripkowski and Catharine Mozaska. RIPKOWSKI, Ignatius (I1923)
100 His name is listed as Henry in the Wojcik family section of the Walker County history book. He is listed as simply Andrea in the St Jospeh's New Waverly marriage records. He is listed as Henry and Henry Andrea in several other St Jospeh's New Waverly church records. WOJCIK, Henry (I1591)

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