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History of St. Joseph Catholic Church, Stoneham

St. Joseph’s Church in Stoneham, Texas was built in 1909 with Father M. A. Dombrowski as its first pastor. On July 9, 1909, the following thirty one individual parishioners took responsibility for the note on the land for the church and cemetery:

Stash Lebeck Frank Phillips W. Szymanski
Mike Klavinski Pete Yearek Mike Phillips
Stash Pavlick S. J. Niszkiewicz Jack Naskrent
Frank Tomkievitz Anton Smith Lena Phillips
Antoni Urbanoski Charlie Wetooski Mary Demney
Wash Noak Mike Grochett Joe Shechinski
W. T. Smith Martin Niszkiewicz Geo. Kuta
S. H. Smith J. L. Yargo John Kleboski
Andrew Wietzkoie Frank Grochett Michael L. Pawlak
Teodor Pawlak Walter Demney Wash Piecznski
Cyril Winkler

The second pastor was Father Weisnerowski who resided in Stoneham. For a short time Father Gleissner of Bryan was appointed to attend the needs of both St. Mary’s and St. Joseph’s Churches.

About the year 1920, St. Joseph’s Chruch became a mission under the guidance of St. Stanislaus Church of Anderson. The other pastors to succceed were Father T. W. Kappe, Father Francis Klass, and Father T. Wendland. During the pastorage of Father Wendlend, St. Joseph’s was transferred to the care of St. Mary’s Church of Plantersville. Father Leroy Braden became pastor in 1967. During his administration the interior of St. Joseph Church was completely renovated.

The priests to follow were all from St. Mary’s Church of Plantersville and have administered to the needs of the community of St. Joseph’s Church.