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Polish Mama on the Prairie

Polish Mama on the Prairie was born in Wroclaw, Poland. After trying to raise their daughter in Poland which was still controlled by Soviet Communism , she and her parents applied for US Citizenship and moved to the East Coast.

She grew up learning Polish, English and French, and was encouraged to study history to better understand people, their cultures, and their different perspectives. After the fall of Communism in Poland, she began visiting Poland an average of every other year.

Polish Mama on the Prairie went to college, and received her Associates Degree in Mass Communication. She also has begun working on her Bachelor’s Degree in English. Following a long engagement, she married her best friend, who is American. They have two children together. The family enjoys camping, hiking, history, visiting museums, traveling, and experimenting with various ethnic foods.

Before becoming a Stay at Home Mother (one who couldn’t stay home but constantly visits local farms, museums, businesses, nature centers, and any other place which could be a learning experience for her children), she worked in International Shipping for several years, dealing with Ambassadors and their staff, immigrants to the US, ex Patriots leaving the US back to their ancestral homes, exchange students, and a myriad of other customers from around the world.

She now lives on the American Prairie and writes Polish Mama on the Prairie, hoping to inspire others to explore their Polish heritage and perhaps even visit Poland. She is also a member of Polish Culture Forum, PNCC, a local Baby Wearing group, a Roman Catholic church, and volunteers regularly at her older daughter‘s school with baby in her carrier. She has written contributing articles for Enjoy Wroclaw, and other sites where she can spread the word about her beautiful Poland.

Baba Kartoflana, Kartoflak, or Polish Potatoe Casserole

Baba Kartoflana, Kartoflak, or Polish Potatoe Casserole

Baba Kartoflana (pronounced Bah-Bah Kart-oh-FLAH-nah) is a great comfort food that is simple to make and perfect for any time of the day, especially during these long cold winter days.  It is a dish I grew up with, although we just called it Kartoflak (pronounced Kart-oh-FLahk).  But I guess the American name for it would be Polish Potatoe Casserole, or Polish Potatoe Pie.

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