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Receiving The Guests At Mazurkiewicz / Wilcox Wedding

Receiving The Guests - Traditional Polish WeddingReceiving the guests at the home of the parents of the bride. Before the church ceremony everyone would gather at the home of the bride to accompany the bridal couple to the church, but also to witness the blessing and symbolic farewells of the bride with her parents, relatives and friends. The blessing by the parents before church was seen as more important than the church ceremony itself. It was customary to have musicians playing as the wedding guests began arriving at the “Dom Weselny” wedding home for the blessing. Sometimes the musicians were rewarded with a small tip for their services. When the guests enter the home of the bride, they are greeted with bread or cake by the “Staroscina” bridesmaids and a toast of vodka to drink by the Starosta” groomsmen. The music is playing throughout this process as this sets the tone and excitement of the celebration. When most of the guests have arrived the blessing ceremony will begin.

* Bridal party, relatives, friends and guest arrive
* Three piece band playing on the porch
* Kielbasneki ( Pigs-in-a-blanket ), Kolaczki ( Kolaches) and
Kishka Kielbasa ( Head Cheese Sausage ) served to guests
as they arrive
* Starosta ( Groomsmen ) serve vodka to the guests at the
front door to celebrate this union and Staroscina (
Bridesmaids ) serve pastries to the guests at the front door
* Fellowship and visitation

Video from the wedding of Phillip Wilcox and Kathy Ann Mazurkiewicz in Bryan, Texas. Videography by Brianna Cammack

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