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Kolednicy z Houston Concert In Chappell Hill On January 22nd

Family and Friends (Rodzina i Przyjaciele) :

On behalf of the St. Stanislaus Catholic Church Council and Father Jozef Musiol, you and your family are invited to attend a concert provided by “Kolednicy z Houston” from parish members of Our lady of Czestochowa Polish Catholic Church.

The concert will be Sunday, January 22 following the St. Stanislaus Catholic Church 9 a.m. mass in Chappell Hill. Although, Sarah (5 years old), from Our Lady of Czestochowa will sing “Przybiezeli do Bethlehem” during mass. As you know, the Catholic Christmas season is recognized and celebrated until February 2 and it is customary for Polish Catholics to sing “Kolędy Polski” Polish Christmas Carols from December 26 until February 2. This concert is a beautiful Christmas gift from the parishioners of Our Lady of Czestochowa Polish Catholic Church and a great opportunity to bring the Polish descendants from the 1880 immigrants and the 1980 Polish immigrants and descendants together embracing our culture and faith highlighting Texas Polonia. The “Kolednicy z Houston” concert is a wonderful gesture of love, outreach, establishing new beginnings and creating new traditions that will strengthen our Catholic faith and our Polish heritage. Please forward this email to your family and friends and extend this invitation to attend the 9 a.m. mass, the concert following mass and celebrate this joyous occasion honoring the birth of our savior “Jesus Christ”.


Jim Mazurkiewicz