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A Tribute To Texas Musicians of Polish Descent

Technology advances are great, but sometimes it’s nice to look back on a simpler time before television and the internet ruled the day. Many of the early Polish settlers in Texas were simple farmers or laborers who worked hard to survive and raise their families. One of the things they brought from Poland that gave them great joy was a love for music. Pope John Paul II summed it up when he said "I have a sweet tooth for song and music".

According to well known Texas fiddler Brian Marshall; "The music has been passed down orally from generation to generation and this tradition continues today. The music of these peasant Poles typically consisted of a fiddle, a bowed bass, and an occasional clarinet: Later, guitars, drums, and accordions were introduced, though I’m sure the accordion was a Czech influence as it was not accepted as a Polish instrument at the time of this Texas migration. Music was played at all weddings and family gatherings, and this tradition continues today."

Music was a big influence in the early Polish settlers life and it is important to preserve the legacy of the early musicians who entertained their family and friends. The Polish Texans website in conjunction with Brian Marshall is actively searching for photos and information on these early Texas musicians of Polish descent. This musician tribute is a long term project that will continue to honor these men and women for years to come. If you have any photos or other information about early Polish Texan musicians, please contact us.

The musician tribute section contains lots of old photos labeled with the known musicians. When you click on the small thumbnail photos, a larger photo pops up along with the names of the musicians. Click on the small icon next to the musicians name to explore his family history in our genealogy database. Click on the small icon to read more biography information about the musician. We also have some unlabeled photos that we could use some help with. If you know the musicians in any of the unlabeled photos, please contact us with the names.

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