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Chappell Hill SpecialNa pił się Jasiu ciepłego wina
pojachu do domu ukoło swoję żona
ukoło swoję żona okolej komina
pojachu do domu kolej ko wina
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Polish Village Music In New Waverly TexasSome many years ago Todd Buckner (Bochnia) informed me that he had a video from the 50’s of a 50th wedding anniversary in New Waverly, TX. It took some time but eventually we hooked up and he let me borrow the tape in question and I discovered that what he actually had was an audio recording duplicating exactly what had been played at a wedding reception in the early 1900’s. Read the full article →

Florian StolarskiFrom Texas Dancehall.org “Texas is known throughout the world for its music, culture, and character. We owe much of this legacy to one singular aspect of our heritage – the heritage of the Texas dance hall. No other place on the planet has this heritage, produced as it was by the mix of diverse immigrant cultures on the southwestern frontier.”
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Polish Musician Search

by Brian Marshall on June 29, 2008

in News

The Polish Texans Website and Brian Marshall are searching for old pictures of Texan Musicians of Polish descent.

This is a “not for profit” collaboration who’s only intent is to recognize those musicians who were an integral part of important family functions such as weddings, funerals, etc. and who contributed entertainment to the society in which they lived. Any costs incurred, on your behalf, for copying pictures will not be reimbursed. Typically we are only talking a few bucks.

Many families have wedding pictures, as well as other social gatherings within the Polish community with musicians providing the entertainment and this is our attempt to gather them together in one place and pay our respects to those individuals. If you wish for your father, grandfather, great grandfather, Uncle, Aunt, or whomever to be recognized in this forum please share these old photograph’s with us.

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Originally Published in the Texas Polka News

There are over 50,000 people of Polish descent in the Houston and surrounding areas.  As a Texan of Polish descent, I can add that Polish music has been an integral part of my appreciation of my Polish heritage.  For many others, it may be their only link to their cultural past.

Many people are not aware that Polish music is or ever was alive in the Texas region.  Prior to 1980 there were only nine recordings in existence representing the Texas Polish style.  Six cuts were by Steve Okonski who represented the Robertson County style ; three others were by Randy and the Rockets with well-liked fiddler Pete Kwiatkowski who represented the Washington County style.  But I jump ahead of myself.

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