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Teana Sechelski

Teana SechelskiTeana Sechelski is widely acknowledged as an expert on Polish Texans, especially those from the Bremond area. She has written numerous articles for the Bremond Press, Polish Footprints and other history and genealogy publications.

Teana was one of the founding members of the Houston Polish Genealoogical Society (HPGS) which later became the Polish Genealogical Society of Texas (PGST). She served as the first president of HPGS and is still active in the society, currently serving as the Hospitality Chairman.

Teana is a native Houstonian with roots in Bremond, New Waverly and Anderson.

History of the Founding of the Polish Colony in Bremond Texas

Written by Joseph Bartula in the year 1894
(translated by Katherine and Teana Sechelski)

JosephCatherineBartula.jpg"In the year 1873 I left my native country on 16 May with my entire family from the town of Brzostek, obwod Tarnow, powiat Pilzno (Poland). My family was composed of my wife, Katherine Panciewicz, my sons Stanislaw, Wladyslaw, Mieczyslaw, Bronislaw and Czeslaw. Also with us was our maid, Katherine Gasior.

On June 16 we passed through Bremond and Houston on our way to New Waverly where my brother-in-law, Kasper Szybist, lived with his family. On my journey I lost all my belongings and two sons, Czeslaw and Bronislaw. They rest on American soil in Danville, Montgomery County. Our maid also perished there somewhere. In the same year I came with my wife and three sons to the vicinity of the city of Calvert, Texas. There our oldest son, Stanislaw, died and was buried about five miles from Owensville or six miles from Calvert. The rest of our family was weak and sick.

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History of St. Mary Catholic Church – Bremond, Texas

Original St Mary Church in Bremond Texas

Genealogists who research Catholic Poles soon realize the importance of sacramental records of the Catholic church. Often they are the only records which exist on our ancestors, Generally speaking, the early church records are more reliable than civil records. For those with ties to Bremond, St. Mary Catholic church is of prime importance.

In 1875 Jozef Bartula and his family as well as Frank Bainski came to Bremond to work as tenant farmers for John C. Roberts. There was no Catholic church. However, a priest was coming from the church of St. Mary of the Assumption, Waco TX to minister to the Catholics in Bremond. Jozef tells us that Father Biusant (?) came four times a year for services which were held in the home of John and Mary Louisa Roberts.

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