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PGST Periodicals Released In Digital Format

Periodicals of the Polish Genealogical Society of Texas

One of the best sources of information for anyone searching for their Polish ancestors in Texas is the Polish Footprints periodical published by the Polish Genealogical Society of Texas. This award wining publication contains articles to assist Texas and Polish research as well as general genealogical research, book reviews, activities of other societies and various topics helpful to the researcher of Polish ancestors.

Special editions of Polish Footprints are especially valuable since they provide in-depth coverage for a significant Polish area or community.

Now, every periodical that PGST ever produced is available in a digital format. This covers each periodical from 1984 through 2008, including special editions. Also included is a Table of Contents listing each periodical and the Surname Index for 2008-2009.

Available in DVD-ROM (1) or CD-ROM (4)

PGST is offering this for a special price of $50.00 in the format of your choice. This is a substantial savings when you consider that a hard copy of each periodical cost $6.00 or more and the Special Editions cost $14.00 each.

More information and an order form can be found on the PGST website.

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Genealogy The Easy Way

I got started in this whole genealogy thing by accident; I simply wanted to find out if my grandfather Smock was dead or alive. I hadn’t seen him since I was 2 or 3 years old and my dad didn’t care to talk too much about his father who had deserted his family when he was a child. To make a long story short, in a period of a few short months, I visited several county courthouses and found my grandfathers grave and got to meet my dad’s half sister who didn’t even know I existed. While I was on a roll, I decided to trace the Smock name back as far as I could. In the next few months, I researched at Clayton library and on several of the old genealogy bulletin boards (this was before the internet) and traced the Smock family back to a Dutch immigrant who came to New Amsterdam in 1640.

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