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Delicious Polish Recipes

Baba Kartoflana, Kartoflak, or Polish Potatoe Casserole

Baba Kartoflana, Kartoflak, or Polish Potatoe Casserole

Baba Kartoflana (pronounced Bah-Bah Kart-oh-FLAH-nah) is a great comfort food that is simple to make and perfect for any time of the day, especially during these long cold winter days.  It is a dish I grew up with, although we just called it Kartoflak (pronounced Kart-oh-FLahk).  But I guess the American name for it would be Polish Potatoe Casserole, or Polish Potatoe Pie.

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Golabki (Stuffed Cabbage) Recipe

In Poland they are called ‘Golabki’ – what stands for little pigeons. Similar dish, whose name has the same meaning, is typical also for Lithuanian, Russian, Czech, Slovak or Belorussian cuisine. Apart from this, in some countries people stuff grape leaves with various fillings. The recipe for stuffed (or rolled as some call it) cabbage presented here is one of the version used in numerous Polish households. You can also get to know how to change ingredients so that the dish would suit the vegetarians or could be served for Christmas Eve dinner.

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Potato Pancakes Recipe

Many people say that Polish cuisine is full of dishes made either from potatoes or flour. And it seems to be true – the Poles love dumplings, potato soup, borscht with potatoes and even very popular, traditional Sunday main meal consists of pork chop and mashed potatoes. But there are also many simple meals that one can make quickly and easy… one of them are potato pancakes.

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Bigos Recipe

BigosBigos or Hunters Stew is one of the most popular of Polish foods. It is sometimes called the national dish of Poland. The best thing about Bigos is that there is really no standard recipe, it varies from region to region and from family to family. So each time you eat Bigos, it is likely to taste slightly different. The main ingredients are sauerkraut, cooked cabbage, mushrooms and a variety of meats. It is best to make a large batch since this dish gets better each time it is reheated. Below is the recipe that I have developed over the years, but even it varies depending on what kind of meat I have available.

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