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Zareczyny or Zrekowiny At Mazurkiewicz / Wilcox Wedding

by Dr. Jim Mazurkiewicz on May 27, 2009

in Polski Wesele, Video

Zareczyny or Zrekowiny - Traditional Polish Wedding“Zareczyny or Zrekowiny” The engagement period: The main event on the night of
engagement was the tying together of the hands of the couple to be married. Because engagement was as binding as the marriage itself, it was always done in a public act in front of family and friends who acted as witnesses. Starosta joined the right hands of the couple above the bread, tied them together with white cloth, and made the sign of the cross over their joined hands representing “the joined endeavors of the man and woman to prepare the bread” that they always have bread beneath their hands.

Video from the wedding of Phillip Wilcox and Kathy Ann Mazurkiewicz in Bryan, Texas. Videography by Brianna Cammack

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