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Last Hurrah at the Second Fiddle

Last Hurrah At The Second Fiddle in Chappell Hill Texas

A traditional Cajun band with a little Polish style rocked the house at the last live performance at the Second Fiddle Bar and Grill in Chappel Hill Texas on Saturday, March 21, 2009. Cory and Lisa McCauley’s Evangeline Aces band provided the entertainment with special guest musicians Brian Marshall on the fiddle and Chuck Bolin on the drums. Brian and Chuck normally perform with the Brian Marshall and the Tex-Slavic Playboys band but they showed off their diverse musical talents by playing right along with the McCauley’s. Of course, Brian managed to sing a Polish song or two before the evening was over.

Polish Music In Hockley Texas

2009 Lawrence Wisnoski Birthday Party In Hockley

What started off as a 70th birthday party for Lawrence Wisnoski in Hockley, Texas turned into a full fledged all-star musical event with different styles of Polish music, some old style Cajun music and a Tejano song or two thrown in for good measure. Brian Marshall, Ronnie Dutka and Chuck Bolin from the Brian Marshall Band, Cory McCauley from the Cory McCauley and the Evangeline Aces band and Bradley Jaye Williams, Tim Walsh and Mark Rubin from the band were the primary entertainers for the evening. Other musicians and singers included Jimmy Mazurkiewicz and his son James, Brian Wisnoski and Albin Januszewski. …

Lisa McCauley Named Honorary Polish Texan

Lisa McCauly playing in the band

Beautiful and talented musician Lisa McCauley was recently named an honorary Polish Texan and presented a limited edition Polish Musician Search t-shirt by the Polish Texans Website. Lisa plays guitar and sings traditional Cajun songs in the Cory McCauley and the Evangeline Aces band. She proudly wore her new t-shirt when the band played at the Second Fiddle Bar and Grill in Chappell Hill, Texas on January 10, 2009

Kolendy in the Country With Brian Marshall

2008 Kolendy in the Country with Brian Marshall and Friends

What better way to get into the holiday spirit then to spend an evening listing to great music by well known Polish fiddler Brian Marshall and friends. Brian’s Kolendy in the Country Christmas Party was held at Second Fiddle Bar & Grill in beautiful Chappell Hill Texas on Saturday, December 6th. Second Fiddle is a small, friendly place housed in an old building not far from St. Stanislaus Catholic Church. The bar has lots of character and plenty of piwo. Daniel the chef served up bowls of good cajun etouffee as well as other spicy dishes and hamburgers and Mandy the barmaid kept busy handing out cold beer.

Brian was joined by Dennis Bielamowicz, Kevin Syzdek, Chuck Bolin, Sonny Janczak and Brian Wisnoski. James Mazurkiewicz also sang a song or two with the band. The band played lots of good Polish, country and Christmas music for the crowd. There was plenty of dancing, talking and laughing throughout the evening.

Enjoy the slide show below:

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